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Castings vs Weldment Conversion

Converting a weldment fabrication to a sand casting has many great benefits, from improving product performance to reducing cost. In addition, Sand Castings provide consistent quality. A frequent problem with weldments are concerns over their strength and durability because of how the individual pieces are welded together. To combat these issues, many turn to sand castings due to the uniformity of pouring a casting.

To find out whether a weldment to sand casting conversion is right for your situation, Contact the Experts at LB Foundry, who can also help with selecting the best material and grade for your needs.

Sand Casting Benefits

  • Consistency of the part produced because the same production tooling is used over and over.
  • Reduced labor time due to the repetitive process of pouring a casting over welding fabrication.
  • Attractive design and the ability to produce unique shapes and features.
  • Optimized material usage with the ability to use material only where needed.
  • Ability to reduce the overall cost of a part over a weldment while making the part lighter and stronger.

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