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Red Brass C83600 Sand Castings

Alloy C83600 (ASTM B5854-836), the most common red brass, is called 85 metal or 85-5-5-5. It contains 85% copper and 5% each of tin, lead, and zinc. Typical uses for red brass are for low-pressure valves, pump housings, impellers, and fittings.

Alloy C89833 is a lead-free solution option for C83600 Red Brass that contains virtually no Selenium but does utilize Bismuth as a lead substitute. Typical uses are for potable water systems, pumps, impellers, and corrosion-resistant applications.

red brass castings c83600 red brass castings red brass sand castings

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Mechanical Properties


Tensile Strength



Yield Strength






Brinell Hardness 10MM-500
Machinability Free Cut YB-100
C83300    32   10    35 35 35
C83600 30 37 14 17 20 30 50-65 84
C89833 30 40 15 20 16 18 65-70 40

Chemical Composition

Alloy CU. SN. PB. ZN. NI% FE% AL% Other%
C83300 93 1 1/2 1 1/2 4        
C83600 85 5 5 5        
C89833 89 5.0 <0.09 3        

Typical Applications

C83300 Electrical hardware parts.
C83600 General miscellaneous parts, low-pressure valves, fittings & hardware

Fittings and valves comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

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