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Sand Casting Advantages & Process

Sand casting is the oldest method of casting. It is also the most versatile, has the lowest setup cost, and is the easiest and most cost-effective to modify. Because of these features, sand casting is ideally suited for making low and medium volume production castings and converting welded parts to castings.

Leitelt Brothers Inc. has over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of aluminum, brass and bronze castings. We mold craftsmanship and advanced technology together to produce castings that meet the most rigid specifications. LB Foundry is also known for our Green Sand Molding capabilities.

Sand Casting Process

Below are the basic steps in the sand casting process:

  • Create a mold by placing a pattern in sand.
  • Make a proper gating system in the mold.
  • Remove the pattern from the mold.
  • Pour molten metal into the mold cavity.
  • Allow the metal to cool.
  • Break away the sand mold and remove the casting.

Advantages of Sand Casting

In addition to Sand Castings being very versatile, having a low set up cost, and being the easiest and most cost-effective to modify, there are many other advantages as sand casting makes it possible to:

  • Form complex shapes
  • Produce very large parts
  • Have a lower cost for tooling
  • Have a shorter lead time
  • Recycle scrap
  • Use a variety of materials

Sand Casting Materials

Materials Available for Sand Castings
Aluminum 319
Brass C95400
Aluminum A355
Brass C92600
Aluminum 356
Brass C93700
Aluminum A356
Brass C87500
Aluminum A357
Alloy C92200 (Navy M)
Aluminum 535 (Almag 35)
Alloy C93700 (80-10-10)
Aluminum 713 (Tenzaloy)
Alloy C87500 (Silicon Bronze)
Brass C83300 Red Brass
Alloy C95300 (415 B)
Brass C83600 Red Brass
Alloy C95400 (415 C)
Brass C89833 Lead-Free
Alloy C95500 (415 D)
Brass C95300

Leitelt Brothers can pour from a variety of aluminum, brass, bronze, and non-ferrous metal materials. For help selecting the best material for your application or if there is a special alloy you would like to use, Contact Us Today.

Applications for Sand Castings

Sand casting is used for a variety of applications to produce a wide range of parts including:

  • air compressor pistons
  • bearings
  • blowers & impellers
  • bushings
  • cams
  • electronic equipment
  • engine crankcases
  • engine oil pans
  • fittings
  • flywheel castings
  • gas and oil tanks
  • gears
  • hardware
  • low-pressure valves
  • machine parts
  • mining machine parts
  • oil pans
  • printing press
  • pump bodies
  • pump pistons
  • screw nuts
  • trailer parts
  • truck chassis parts
  • valves
  • water jackets & crankcases
  • worm gears

Need a Sand Casting?

Pre-production engineering and proper alloy selection are critical before developing a final sand casting design. Leitelt Brothers Inc. offers design assistance and collaboration with the design engineer for early evaluation of the parts casting feasibility. This value engineering saves time and money for our customers and their sand castings. Contact Us Today!

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