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Non Ferrous Sand Castings

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Leitelt Brothers has unprecedented experience with pouring architectural, ornamental, artistic and decorative non-ferrous metal castings.

In addition to the unique castings and Design Assistance, we offer Complete Finishing Services such as satin polish, mirror polish, oxidizing, sandblasting, powder coat paint, clear coat and anodizing.

Weldment Conversion to Casting

A growing segment of our business is the conversion of welded parts to non-ferrous metal castings. Sand castings allow the designer more freedom in the part design than a weldment. The design can conform to almost any shape. Castings generally have better fatigue properties when compared to a fabricated design. Any weldment can be converted to a casting. When designing a cast equivalent, it is best to start with a weldment that takes the most time to fabricate and is not the best use of the plate material. If there are any issues with the weldment, such as fatigue or stress failures, casting may be an excellent candidate.

non ferrous castings non ferrous sand castings non ferrous sand casting

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