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Yellow Brass C85700 Sand Castings

Alloy C85700 (ASTM B5854-857) has 65% Copper with 1% Lead, 1% Tin and 35% Zinc. It has excellent casting and machining characteristics. The machinability rating is 80 (Fee cutting brass = 100). It is suitable for being joined by soldering (good) and brazing (good) but is not recommend for Oxyacetylene Welding or Arc Welding.

Typical applications for sand casting alloy C85700 are hardware fittings, architectural components where aesthetics are important, decorative and ornamental castings.

yellow brass sand castings c85700 yellow brass castings c85700 brass castings

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Mechanical Properties


Tensile Strength



Yield Strength






Brinell Hardness 10MM-500
Machinability Free Cut YB-100
C85400 30 34 11 12 20 35 40-60 80
C85700 40 50 14 18 15 40 75 80

Chemical Composition

Alloy CU. SN. PB. ZN. NI% FE% AL% Other%
C85400 67 1 3 29        
C85700 63 1 1 34        

Typical Applications

C85400 Furniture & ornamental hardware & fittings
C85700 Plumbers flanges, fittings, ornamental hardware & ship trim

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