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Silicon Bronze Sand Castings

Leitelt Brothers has been a leading manufacturer of metal castings for over 100 years. We have earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality silicon bronze sand castings for industrial applications. We offer a full range of Value-Added Services and Additional Capabilities that can be added to any project.

What is Silicon Bronze?

Silicon bronze is a brass alloy with up to 96% copper. The remainder of the alloy is composed of silicon and metals, including manganese, tin, iron, or zinc. It is a low-lead alloy. The presence of silicon provides self-lubrication to the alloy. As a brass alloy, silicon bronze is highly corrosion-resistant, exhibits high strength and is easy to machine and cast. It is designated as C87850, C87610 and C87300.

Benefits of the C87850 ingot include - chemistry is tighter than ASTM B30 standards because of our casting in a continuous cast induction furnace; this eliminates dross.  Additional benefits of Eco Brass C87850 casting versus other lead-free copper alloys are:

  • Lower melting temperature - Liquidus is 1616o F
  • Lower Copper content than other lead-free alloys
  • Fluidity- High
  • Drossing – Low
  • Gassing – Low

Cast parts manufactured using silicon bronze are used for high wear, high load, low abrasion parts such as ball bearings, bearing cages, raceways, spacers, gears, and valve parts. They are used for machinery, aerospace, heavy equipment, and hydraulic equipment Applications.

Leitelt Brothers has the capabilities to manufacture its silicon bronze castings with dimensional precision, finish allowances, and draft. We can produce our casting to meet our clients’ specific requirements, whether the part is a complex gear or hydraulic shaft. We offer production runs ranging from 1 ounce up to 350 pounds.

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